Treatment Process

Bone Marrow vs. Fat Derived Stem Cells- Is There a Controversy?

Whether your adult mesenchymal stem cells come from bone marrow or from fat presumably does not have an effect regarding clinical outcomes. In spite of the fact that a few focuses claim that bone marrow derived cells are better than fat derived cells, there is no proof to support that. The fact that there are more studies on bone marrow cells does not demonstrate clinical superiority yet just underpins the clear truth that fat determined cells are based upon later findings and despite the fact that proof is amassing, there are far fewer studies utilizing these cells. It is critical that one is not mislead by the word “bone” in bone marrow, conceivably intimating that since this is an “orthopedic source” it “could be better” for treating orthopedic conditions, for example cartilage recovery. In fact, the bone marrow is part of the reticulo-endothelial system and only happens to be discovered in the core of the bone. The greater part of these sorts of cells are just as primitive and have the possibility to separate into full grown practical tissues. For numerous disease types, for example cardiovascular pathology, fat derived cells show to be superior over bone marrow determined cells. This may be identified with the generally reported qualitative and quantitative weakening in bone marrow stem cell tallies identified with age and chronic illness (unending sickness causes bone marrow decreasing). Such changes in the amount of cells over time and the nature of cells subject to health have not been seen in fat derived stem cells. Fat derived cells are a common decision for our investigational work recognizing their simple and fast accessibility in extremely high counts.

Meet and Greet
You have settled on a choice to have an undifferentiated cell application. It’s energizing that these treatment options are presently accessible for utilization. Stem cell therapy with your own particular stem cells might possibly be the next critical development in medicine.

Local Anesthesia & Harvesting Fat
Patients have their fat collected in our special sterile treatment office under a local anesthetic. The process takes roughly twenty minutes, using specially designed equipment to collect less than 50cc of fat.

After collecting the fat cells, the following step is to process the cells. This is refined by differentiating the fat cells and stem cells. The methodology utilized by the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada yields a great amount of stem cells.

Contingent upon the sort of deployment needed, stem cells could be injected through veins, arteries, into spinal fluid, subcutaneously, or straightforwardly into joints or organs. All of these are recognized insignificantly obtrusive techniques for presenting the stem cells. In the proper environment, these stem cells can change (separate) into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, neural tissue, veins, and even a few organs. In light of the fact that it is your own DNA material, there is no rejection. The entire process takes less than three hours.