Stroke, otherwise called cerebro-vascular accident, is caused by a disturbance in blood supply to the mind. Stroke affects a huge number of Americans each year. The result is ischemic brain injury which implies that part of the mind has experienced absence of oxygen and this has brought about vital tissue destruction. Side effects fluctuate depending upon the anatomic location of the event and extent and duration of the tissue loss. After acute management, long term healing must happen which requires management of swelling and neovascularization of damaged tissue. Researchers especially in Europe have been actively studying the utilization of mesenchymal stem cells to help promote healing after ischemic brain injury.

Stroke Recovery and Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada

RMIN has developed a particular SVF deployment protocol that endeavors to use the anti-inflammatory and potential regenerative properties of SVF (rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors). SVF is systemically administered and is expected to focus on damaged areas of the central nervous system. Unique measures are taken to optimize transport of the SVF over the blood-brain barrier to enhance central nervous system uptake. This is all done as an outpatient around the time of SVF procurement and processing. The whole cell surgical procedure takes roughly three hours.

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In caring for our stroke patients at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada, we take pride in using the best medical protocols and current technology to help our patients become their best. Contact us and we will answer the inquiries and concerns you might have about Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada conventions for stroke treatment.