Lichen Sclerosis

Stem Cells and Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen Sclerosis is a skin condition that happens in ladies, men and even kids yet most of the time seen in post-menopausal ladies. The skin around the genitals and anus can turn shiny and smooth and spots develop into patches. Skin over the spots turns thin and crinkled and can tear easily and get scarred. Itching, changes in skin color, pain, bleeding and blisters can also happen.

Causes for LS may be auto-immune or hormonal however the definite reason is inadequately comprehended. Different areas of the body might be affected however those typically resolve without treatment. LS is not contagious. Diagnosis might be confirmed on skin biopsy. Without treatment, patches on the genitals can lead to scarring and pain or come to be cancerous. LS can cause scars that narrow the vagina interfering with sexual intercourse. Treatment has customarily included surgical excision (not always possible particularly in ladies) and effective topical steroids which can help relieve itching and scarring. Optimization of estrogen levels is additionally helpful.

More advanced treatment includes (vitamin A like compounds), UV light therapy, or Tacrolimus (immune suppressant). SVF containing adult mesenchymal stem cells has immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory effects and therefore may be successful in healing the abnormal patches of skin connected with LS. Our convention additionally addresses the systemic part of LS by administration of intra-venous SVF in addition to local injections. Extra growth factors as autologous platelet rich plasma are utilized for the local injections into LS lesions in a small subsection of patients. Supplementary treatments may be needed throughout the span of a year.