Easy Ways To Age In Place

Photo credit by Pixabay As life expectancy and good health grows among seniors, more of them are choosing to age ...
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Tennis Elbow Treatment Las Vegas

Most cases of tennis elbow respond to rest, ice, rehab exercises, pain medicine, and counterforce braces. This injury does take ...
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Types of Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder problems are categorized in most commonly four types. These are tendon inflammation or tendon tear, instability, arthritis of ...
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Causes of Spine Pain

Pain the spine or back, can be due to something being out of position in you spinal cord. Although muscle ...
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Stem Cell Treatment Technology Las Vegas

Our Technology

Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada utilization adipose derived stem cells for deployment & clinical research. Early stem cell research has ...
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Treatment Process

Bone Marrow vs. Fat Derived Stem Cells- Is There a Controversy? Whether your adult mesenchymal stem cells come from bone ...
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Skin Cell Regeneration

New research from Cornell University in the U.S. points to a possible need to change our thinking about skin regeneration ...
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